Visualizing Ego in the Life Stream

One way to visualize how we are One, but experience separation, is by using pictures of eddies forming in streamlined fluid flow. The eddies are analogies of separate-feeling Egos forming in the stream. But there is one Life Stream.

Each “eddy” perceives separation even as it is formed within continuous flow of One Life. A bit of physics from a physicist….

An Interesting Thing About Life Is…

Life is sacred. A deeper understanding of what this means requires merging with the flow of Life and ceasing to be a personality, or an eddy in the current.

Being Life itself means seeing yourself in All as yourself – not as a narcissist, but as a being without an identity other than the Whole.

Wherever you look, whatever you touch – it is but an aspect of Life, and you are Life. You are the flow of Life, and not a container. You are a living embodiment of everything there is, and thus you are no one as One.

While this may sound like word play, I assure you that it is not. Human beings have been talking about attaining Union (Yuj, or Yoga) for at least thousands of years.

Union with what? The mysterious Divine, which defies verbal description and analysis. It is Union with every expression of the Divine – every person, every plant, every chunk of matter, every particle, and even space itself. Union is not about perceived scale or size – nothing is too big or too small for consciousness!

An interesting thing about Union while in a human body is the ability to reflect the Divine to the Divine. Just as we seek to gain self-understanding through self-reflection prior to Union, the Divine wishes to know Itself through all manifestation. The latter transcends specific life events and personality traits, but the yearning for reflection remains true at all levels of consciousness. Without the human body (after death), Union remains, but the ability to reflect this Union is limited.

What is it like to look around and feel that All is a fragment of the Divine? I am not describing a temporary experience here, but a stable state that has permanently pierced the perception of separation….

First, you no longer feel like a person bounded by characteristics and traits. Instead, you can only describe yourself as a mystery. You are impersonal in all relationships, but paradoxically express deep love and caring. All definition of “yourself” has ceased and deceased. When perception transforms, it does feel like both death and birth.

Also, you no longer fear death while fully valuing every precious connection to the Life Stream. You are both the eternal ocean of now and the fragment that reflects this awareness to the Whole. Again, a seeming paradox.

Then, you cannot help the outpouring of the desire to relate to all aspects of the Divine. People call this love, but it is not an emotion. Rather, it is a kind of shining expression – both an outpouring and a giving. This expression is powerfully felt by others – on many levels and to varying degrees. It affects body, emotions, mind, relationship to self and others, and catalyzes the capacity for growth in others.

Such outpouring is transformative because it communicates to all the knowledge of Union, and serves as a reminder of what has been forgotten but is already known.

Your life is no longer “your” life – the concept of ownership vanishes. And yet – paradoxically – there is a clarity of boundaries for inappropriate styles of relating among the various fragments of the Divine. It’s a “no-bullshit” statement, portrayed by your form, voice, energy, and eye contact – all derived naturally from continuous awareness of Life Stream dynamics.

You may seem clairvoyant and clairaudient, but that is just a natural by-product of identifying with the Life Stream. You never manipulate, but always explore what already is. If there is a mess, you work to clean it up (when allowed by Life dynamics).

The running theme is that the state of Union is likely to appear as a paradox to the rational mind because It transcends the mind. This limitation of the mind is why intelligence and mental processing do not lead to enlightenment.

Existence becomes decision-making by intuition, rather than rigorous mental analysis. Many misinterpret intuition as a faulty “gut” reaction, and claim that rational and logical thinking is more reliable. This is true when intuition is still trapped by ego. However, when ego drowns in love, intuition becomes flash insight that immediately knows all parts and their relationships, the past and future possibilities, and the lack of attachment to any of it.

Electric circuits are a good analogy to honed intuition. When a circuit is closed, the electric field informs all parts of the circuit about their relationship at the speed of light. The circuit components do their thing, and the right amount of current flows. The components do what they do whether they are aware of the electric field or not. The Life Stream is much like this electric field, and pure intuition is awareness of the Life Stream by us as the “components of one-life circuit or network.”

The interesting thing about Life is that it is only knowable when you become Life, but then you lose the capacity to describe Life in words. Instead, you shine – day in and day out. You “talk” by being the light. Thus, the only thing that remains to do is to live.

In the state of Union, there is a small window where one retains the capacity to directly relate to most people. As transformation continues, such an individual loses the ability to be a relatable “person.” Thus, this being trains others to be of service so that the chain of relationships continues.

There is a myth that enlightenment makes one feel only bliss. While this may be true during solitude, interactions with the world and human dynamics are far from blissful. People want love so much, typically hate themselves, and attack anyone who defies their world view. Hence, navigating such waters is uncomfortable and even painful for an enlightened being. However, there is no one to identify with the pain, and any suffering is impersonal. That is also interesting….

What we value affects everything

What we value drives all of our life decisions. I suppose that this is a fairly lofty claim, spoken as the derided “absolute.” Yet, I can absolutely see it play out, as people navigate their lives.

In fact, the aggregate of decisions made based on our value systems is the crucible that shapes our life on Earth. Consider how what we value consumes the majority of our time and energy. Our values are reflected in every thought, action, and deed. And yet, few can articulate what they value because their value systems are largely unconscious.

For example, a person may dedicate their life to service. Does this person value the people whom she or he serves? One possibility is that this person values the feeling of being thanked and appreciated by others – like a drug, and service is merely the means to an end. Does this person know the real reason why they serve? Not necessarily. A number of YouTube videos advertise moments of service or random acts of kindness to get attention and “Likes.” Viewers say “Aweee”, and it ends there.

As another example, consider a person who is described as a workaholic. Does this person truly value working all the time? Probably not. Instead, this person may value avoiding having to think about and feel their life, or value being potentially recognized and promoted – seen as an expert. Workaholics may also value creating something that meets one’s criteria for perfection – a strategy for either self-acceptance or self-rejection (“Perfection is the enemy of good enough” – and does not exist). Again, working most of the time is only a means to an end of what one truly values.

What we truly value is not at all obvious and deserves careful study at the personal level, and then the ripple effect at all levels. In the interest of “keeping it real,” it’s always good to be conscious of what really drives us forward.

From the global perspective, our value systems are disjointed and at odds. For example, the majority of corporations value profit growth, and view employees as a means to an end. Why do they value the bottom line? At the most basic level – survival of the company entity. And then, the continuous thriving of company executives. Many people say that they want to start a company to make lots of money. Such a statement mutes all the underlying individual and group value systems, which will be affected by this endeavor. The interests of top executives are the key values, despite whatever PR the company throws at the public.

Any individual or group that furthers the company agenda is valued by the executives – not as human beings, but as assets. The people who work for such corporations value stability and possibly the creativity associated with their work. But the corporate and individual value systems are at odds: a favorite employer motto is “everyone is replaceable.” The military, where the risk and stakes are higher, provides a more appropriate motto of “No man left behind.”

Politics is another complex ball of yarn of tangled personal and group value system. Nations are also complex sets of value systems, comprised of individuals and groups with divergent values beyond meeting the basic needs of life and aspirations to fulfilling the human potential.

What puzzles me is why we cannot all agree to value human lives at all scales of conglomerates? And I mean truly value each life that shares this planet? Why can’t all people live at least at a basic level of comfort where they don’t have to starve, steal, and kill?

Why can’t we agree that no person is born tainted or evil or unworthy of happiness? Clearly some value themselves above all others and will kill, even as they claim (blame) such acts on the will of a higher power – and die thinking they will go to some heaven for such acts. What a clearly delusional value system!

But something is missing, which cuts through all possible value systems – the Earth. If people simply value the Earth as a storehouse of limited resources, they will ravage the Earth for what they need in the moment. Wars and political posturing are fundamentally about survival of the fittest and accumulating resources.

If we examine deeply the value systems at all scales, we can reduce all complexity to individual ego-based agendas. The individual still remains the key at all scales. He or she is the common denominator. Individual agendas have a trickle-down effect on multitudes, and a battle ensues among those with and without power about which lives matter most. Some will not fight the status quo because they need to survive and will do that for which they get paid. Such people value themselves enough to avoid battle because they feel they cannot win and might as well settle in. No shame in this because how to shake up self-absorption worldwide and across class systems is far from obvious.

Is it possible for us to value all life and the Earth as life? Only then can we achieve a balance that is a healthy synergy. The planet and the people must work together under the basic premise that life and a healthy balance matter most. This idea is beyond any religion, political structure, or any single nation.

Who are the leaders who can selflessly bring people together around this simple message? What are the resources needed to support and reassure people through the change? Without tackling and wrestling with our unconscious values, we cannot hope to sustain a happy life on this planet.

The consequences of valuing all life? No hate crimes – and yes, including transgender persons. No bigotry. No suicide bombers or shooters. No misogyny. No “expendables.” No hunger. No homelessness. No loneliness. No pollution. No killing of ecosystems. No designing products without carefully addressing the full product lifecycle and its impact on earth. More emphasis on cultivation of individualized education, creativity, and individual expression. More random acts of kindness. More trust. More respect for the process of life.

This is a value system that requires influential people’s support and grass roots efforts – mostly the latter. So far, there is no vision of a future that people have globally embraced. Most are just keeping their heads down and working to sustain their lives. While corporate graphic artists are busy painting future landscapes with their products embedded in the pictures, these efforts completely ignore the value of a human being in relation to the Earth.

The dilemma is real and will not be addressed overnight. The good news – and a necessary first step – is that many dysfunctional systems are being broadly exposed now to show everyone just how things were/are run. This blatant exposure is a key first step to guiding people toward action and positive change for the sake of all life on the planet.

The next step – selfless leaders to inspire others to embrace core values that celebrate the wellfare of the whole, without sacrificing uniqueness. This is the challenge of the times and will demand nothing short of an overhaul for how we choose to live.

When Time Stops and Life Flows

Forever – is composed of Nows –

‘Tis not a different time –

Except for Infiniteness –

Emily Dickinson, 690, 1929

It took me over two years to realize that I was no longer experiencing the passage of time. Now, the idea of eternity as the moment is real. So what?

We are obsessed with time because we start out wired for the finite, the ephemeral, and the temporary, and then wind down toward the end. Most fear death, and try to buy time, borrow time, stretch out moments, or become lost in the denial of the fleeting. For many, life feels like existence between the book-ends of Birth and death. But is that how it needs to be?

At first, I noticed a continuity of consciousness through both waking and sleep hours. It felt as if I was living “OneLongDay,” as I jokingly called this state of uninterrupted awareness. I slept, but I was still conscious. The sleeping state was not the same as the waking state, and I mostly knew when I was asleep – even as I remained conscious. At times, waking up felt disorienting if I didn’t know whether I was still asleep or awake, and the two states felt nearly the same.

Gradually, the continuity of perception felt more natural. I became accustomed to flowing in and out of sleep and waking states. I learned that it was not the mind that remained awake, but the consciousness beyond the mind and other perceptual tools. By identifying with That which lives us all – Spirit, the Divine, whatever you call it – I was permanently awake, regardless of the transitions between resting the body and activity.

I went through a period of overwhelm. It is amazing how much more information was pouring through my being. Because I was accustomed to processing information with the mind, I was exhausted. Later, I learned to allow flashes of insight – a way of knowing without detailed processing. This kind of knowing resembles how we use symbols – to condense information without losing meaning. Thought seems too slow now, but I find it necessary to organize my communication with others.

When I was able to grasp that time no longer existed for me (which was not obvious), I also better understood the role of the body as a gateway between Spirit and Matter. By body, I am referring to the dense and subtle vehicles that comprise our being.

For people who identify with the body, emotions, and mind, the body is mostly closed. Such a body takes in information, relates to the stimuli as experiences, and stores these experiences. In a sense, this kind of body is like a room with a closed door, and consciousness keeps packing more experiences into the room. Such confined consciousness results in a stop-and-go perception of the finite, as well as the relative feelings of time “dragging” or “rushing by.” Some speak of being “in the zone” during creative engagement, but the zone is not a permanent state.

Upon transformation, the body process reconfigures into an open gateway – Spirit flows through and as the body into Matter, and Matter is transformed and catalyzed by Spirit. Once this flow is established, perception of open-continuity becomes permanent. With nothing to break, stop, or stock the Life energy, the idea of time dissolves.

Time only has meaning when something can start and stop – when there is a fixation on starting, stopping, restarting, and so on. However, in continuity, the flow of Life energy cannot be impeded, and the experience of time loses meaning. I am guessing that this state is what some have called the eternal moment.

As I learn more, I am amazed at how crucial is the body to bringing Life to expressed potential. Our body and its transformation is the key to the eternal moment. It is the body that makes consciousness of Spirit possible and fulfills the promise of inspiring Matter.

The moment becomes eternity, but it is a dynamic, creative, and free-flowing continuity – and never boring.

The process of enlightenment transforms the body into a wide open gateway. Many talk about this state as becoming loving-kindness and hyper-perception, but this state is nothing less than true freedom. It is no wonder that a free being ceases to be self-absorbed, to live for oneself, and to focus on what one can get from life. The mechanisms that mediate such a limited relationship to Life are simply no longer there!

With the body turned into a conduit, there are no bottlenecks of unprocessed feelings or thoughts. Instead, there is dynamic flow of feeling and even healing. Any sense of being incomplete or empty is no longer possible, and the full and continuous free-flow of energy puts all neediness to rest. Only the basic needs to sustain the body remain, but these are no longer the focus.

So what? I have no idea. As I live and go through these changes, I can only share what is possible for a human being….

A Master’s Field

Every person has an energetic presence that goes beyond the physical form. You can feel it strongly from highly charismatic personalities. For most, this energy is a way to continuously create and nourish the body. The energy flow is primarily directed to the self – to get something.

When one goes through the various changes of transforming perception and participation in Life, the energy field changes. First, the consciousness is stabilized as Spirit (not as the body, mind, or emotions), and this consciousness flows through the body to relate to all material aspects of life. This current reversal is optimized to give, and all fruits of connection are returned to the Divine. Thus, the body becomes a gateway of relationship of Spirit and World – and the body is critical to making the connection.

The energy field of a Master is no longer a mechanism to fortify personal needs. Instead, this field is a dynamic force that transcends space and time, and operates beyond space and time.

You can imagine how different everyday reality must seem to a Master who interacts with the planet to know her, help her heal, and model for her true freedom.

The field of a Master has a direct and potent effect on people. The Master is like a transmitter that sends out a wave of what it is like to be free of illusion. It happens quite naturally and without any agenda. The Master is merely being who he or she is.

Those who feel a Master – any of them – even unconsciously – are ignited and even guided to shed illusion for Spirit. The Masters serve as living examples and aid those who yearn in any way possible. They never interfere or direct anyone’s life. But they do help to provide souls with real, tangible glimpses of true awakening and the release of identifying with suffering. This is continuous, 365 and 24/7, while a Master is alive.

The Masters who can still relate to people as individuals serve in the trenches of human existence and may have frequent interactions with people. None of these interactions are simplistic, regardless of how random they may seem or how “unimportant” in the great scheme of things. By being who they are, Masters reflect to others their state and show them alternative possibilities to healed freedom. Each interaction is custom-tailored to a soul’s needs. Regardless of their day jobs (and they do have day jobs), these Masters simply relate to others completely and with a loving, generous heart. There is no effort or self control necessary – it is natural.

Some people yearn for Spirit with such longing that they may gravitate and enter a Master’s field. Most are unaware consciously that they have done this, but eventually they know. Some part of these longing hearts wished to have help, and that heartfelt wish was answered. The Master provides a temporary respite for these souls in his or her field without having to consciously think of each and every single one. There is a flash of insight that knows, and this insight is potent. There they are, swimming in the light of the field, as they go about their daily lives. As they swim, they gain insight about themselves and their lives – mostly because the Master’s field amplifies their own connection to Spirit. The world is full of distractions, but the Master has no need of being reminded to meditate, serve – and that remembrance is everpresent and shared via the Master’s field.

Who are these Masters? They are humans who have gone through a natural transformation awaiting the human race. They are on the Earth and alive, but no longer tied up in its ups and downs. They see the truth nature of a soul and know its beauty – even before that soul knows what it really is. They live because they are alive – simple, but not trite – and death is not a concern, nor a wish. They no longer have anything to gain for the self. Their laughter is potent music that shakes loose the stuckness of spaces and situations, and many laugh a lot! One way to view a Master is just as another kind of mentor, really.

How do you know if you have an energetic field that can awaken others? Simply watch if the ones close to you are waking up to be more independent in their relationship to their growth, stabilizing their lives in the world, and are becoming less self-absorbed…. But be careful…. One does not set a goal to become a Master and to “free” others. Instead, one focuses on one’s own evolution, facing many tests for self-absorption and attachments. These tests are difficult, and even some advanced souls become stuck in their thicket, even while posturing as the enlightened.

When you become a Master over illusion and surrender yoursel, there is no party, no big celebration, and no fanfare of any kind. It just is, and it comes gradually. Although, our world does feel a shift and sounds a joyful note beyond the range if hearing for most. In fact, it is best if you doubt your attainment every step of the way and assume you are still ignorant until there is much proof that things are otherwise. And, ignorance is always relative 🙂

We are all interconnected, and some connections run stronger and deeper than others. Those who have broken through the veil of illusion are there and still evolving and learning from absolutely ever, for evolution never ends. While they are there, they shine steady until their dying day.

Truth vs. Our Role as Truth

People say: “If it’s not simple, it can’t be truth. Truth is simple.” Some truth is simple, like living a life of surrender to the Divine. But not all truth is simple – by far. By writing this article, I am holding back a lot. Some will think this is some New Age drivel, perhaps. But New Age has distorted much information – like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle scattered on a table, and the people who spread disinformation have simply misinterpreted their experiences or copied and propagated someone else’s misinterpretations.

Most people feel enough complexity just surviving day-to-day. This is most of the human race. A small fraction is dabbling in trying to control our reality without fully understanding what they are doing – magik, mediumship, channeling, etc. Such people are quick to speak about their advanced states and exclusivity of their abilities, but so what? The fact remains that any manipulation of forces that are interconnected with others creates consequences.

My experience is that we live in a highly complex universe with many levels of interactions among many types of beings, including the beings on earth, planets, and stars. What we consider living sentient beings, on average, is too limited at this time. While the Truth of our reality is very complex and mindblowing, our role in Truth – in Life – is very simple (e.g., loving, pure, and detached service of whatever we can offer). We can focus on opening our hearts and our minds to the richness of existence while contributing our unique creativity and willingness to help. This is simple, which is why it is far from easy.

There are boundaries set by karmic law for which levels of beings are able and allowed to interact. Our Earth is only one planet with life among myriads of planets, but we are not that evolved (relatively speaking). Advanced races on the Light path, who abide by karmic law, do not come near us – they do not because we are primarily out of range of their consciousness – like a mosquito appears to a human. However, advanced races who have taken the dark path have no problem interfering with our evolution and adding to the chaos we ourselves have already caused.

There are non-human guardians posted to protect us from external interference, for we are still too self-absorbed to fully do that for ourselves. However, there are occasional bleedthroughs of alien consciousness that mixes with ours. It is my understanding that this premature mixing is not uncommon, but it does add complexity. Such guardians see our human race from the perspective of the One Spirit, of which we are fragments – they do not interact with individuals who have not reached that perspective or get involved in the minutia of our daily events.

Telling apart which information comes from which sources can only be done by a person who has reached the evolutionary level of these sources. Such people exist, but are very few. Most are still stuck in the false (lower level) light of the Astral plane, which is similar to a reflection in water full of ripples and waves. Even this “stuckness” is a normal part of the evolution of a race, as it is training people to feel beyond the physical – even if without clarity.

Some people have evolved to the point of sensing and even participating in our broader reality with clear discernment. Such people are literally invisible as Masters – you can walk by one and never know who they truly are, and they won’t tell you what they really do. That is OK too. It is all part of the stage at which we find ourselves.

While we all love interesting stories and ideas, would it be too much to accept that we don’t have a first-hand clear experience of Reality? Or, does it require too much humbleness to admit that we are ignorant of how our Reality fits together and plays out?

Would it be too much to ask that we stop looking for someone else to tell us what will happen tomorrow, and – instead – focus 100% on giving each and every day to surrender to the One Life that we are?

Would it be too much to say that, right now, most of us are in the role of taking out the trash after a messy party – on many levels, and to embrace that role with a humble heart?

The loud ones with loud claims of grandiosity are distracting those who could just as easily be involved in the cleanup role – of our bodies, our emotions and minds, our planet, and the Astral Plane…. How? Just wake up every morning and immediately ask “How can I serve today?” – the opportunities will present themselves, even if it is to serve your own true needs. This kind of keeping it real is not for the overly intellectual or the ultraspiritual because it requires the rolling up of sleeves and a strong nose for strong smell. That’s pretty simple, but far from easy for those who want to keep pretending profound transformation is easy.

Bottom Up Communities Rise Up!

I read somewhere that, at some point, you begin to be conscious of the Earth through time and in its totality, you see how little things have changed – and you pause. Such is happening to me now, and intensely. I am unable to cry anymore, but I feel an outpouring of the heart intensify and the pain.

The media emphasizes certain stories of human suffering, but this suffering is ongoing for centuries in various corners of the world. Poverty, hunger, disease, infant death, murder, rape, war, growing up parentless or with abusive parents, having fewer natural resources and  wildlife, losing everything to natural disasters, slavery, being of the “wrong” sex, color, race, nationality, or belief system. Even our crops and food is losing nutrition.

Many people barely remember what happened last week, and the media plays on people’s short term memory and emotional reactions with each “Breaking Story.” However, the story broke eons ago and continues across the world. None of this is news, but simple lack of knowledge about our history – or the lack of time to think about it in context. Most of the Earth is in survival mode.

Once I felt the totality of the situation through time in a glimpse of insight, my head dropped. My heart aches for the ones suffering.

Humanity is a honeycomb of echochambers, each preaching to its own choir and each reinforcing the sound of a particular rhetoric – whether true and tested by time, or not. But, as the old adage goes, talk is cheap and rarely sensitive to the big picture. People can argue with each other all day long on social media, but that never moves anything forward.

Children are growing up with increased anxiety and suicides are on the rise. In fact, more and more people are having a hard time just getting out of bed to go to their jobs and take care of responsibilities. Chronic pain conditions, autoimmune diseases, mental illness, and obesity are on the rise and have been  a way of life for many, and in different cultures. Not all cultures view human pain the same way, and some ostracize and punish those in need of help.

So, no breaking news here – only Earth as usual, with small oasis pockets. And yet, our population is growing, the income gap is widening, and our resources are dwindling. Powerful nations are becoming extremely competitive because they know they will fight for resources eventually. Weaker nations are banding together and appealing to humanitarianism.

Unlike the bees in the honeycombs, we do not stand as one for all and all for one. Instead, we characterize others as idiots, deplorable, ignorant, selfish, and go on our merry way as if we are the ones carrying the torch. However, inside, there is fear and insecurity – just as in most others. We fail to see that we are all the same – not on the outside, but as the sparks of One Life that lives us all. That’s not New Age bullshit – this is a core truth that does not require you to buy anything, just learn to meditate proper.

But so few are interested in transceding the illusion of separation – probably because it’s a tough thing to do. And what does it mean anyway? Many just need to live out their lives and balance their karma and reincarnate (these word and concepts existed for a lot longer than any current spiritual thought and are worth thorough study). Unfortunately, karma and reincarnation become clear and cease to evoke fear when you transcend your personality and no longer get emotional.

So, what do we do in the meantime? How do we live our days with the knowledge that war rages in the hearts of men, masking fear. How do we give of ourselves to change the way we value each other and life?

First, more people have to educate themselves about how changing something always changes something else. We can’t just cheer when taxes are lower, we have to ask what programs will be cut. We can’t just cheer that coal miners may start working again, we need to ask at the expense of what – specifically? We can’t just look at other countries and refugees as “others,” but we do need to have untarnished information how our lives will change if we help and what we can do.

We live in a complex world, and the US (aka Divided States) elects presidents based on one-line promises. However, few ask “What will that change affect? Who will it affect?” It is clear that the US is not a democracy because few stop to think about the long-term consequences of any decision, let alone define our role of global responsibility. “America First” = “America Alone” in an increasingly larger and competitive world. 

We need to go back into our local communities and get involved. Offer basic services for trade to help with children, infrastructure, food, medical care, mental health professionals, and other basic living arrangements. Local communities need honest people with integrity to support one another. People need to start making goid decisions about how many children they can support (2 is personally my max). 

Sure, we can just take care of what we have on our plates, but that mindset will eventually lead to further degradation of our society and crash. We must learn to setup networks of help for one another and engage in them with a generous heart. 

Our plight will not get fixed from the top down. Isn’t that clear by now? We must start gathering ourselves, organizing ourselves – one town at a time, and growing into a powerful network that eventually will affect the bottom line of large corporations who truly run our countries. When we refuse to support and buy certain products, we make a statements that hits their bottom line while taking care if each other.

There are atrocities in other nations, but there are also atrocities here. Next time you see a child being hit in public, for example, band together and step in to let the parent know that he or she is done with that – peacefully.

Let’s forget enlightenment for a bit, and just practice opening our hearts. There are a number of Apps to exchange goods and services. For example, the 5 Apps here help others give ir trade stuff so that we cut down on waste. 

Trading services is a bit trickier. Apps do exist, and my next step is to research them thoroughly. I used to manage large scale projects in the software industry and have experienced with this sort of thing. Of course, vetting people and services for safety and quality is key. Maybe I can start a nonprofit that will do bavkground checks and interviews… Who’s up to get this process moving? Does anyone want to try this? Leave a comment if you are into the possibility! 😀

On True and False Spirituality

Spirituality is the practice of learning to be aware of and identifying with the One Life that lives us all. This practice requires pushing through the veil of illusion that tells us we are separate, just as a seedling pushes through toward the sunshine. 

This practice is ongoing, as there are many layers to peel off and shed to approach the identity of I Am That I Am. There are minor Enlightenments along the way, each progressively more challenging to rearranging the very fabric of our being.  

The series of enlightenments are radical remakings of how we perceive ourselves and the apparent others – these are not fleeting experiences. As our perception transforms, so does our entire world view and our relationships to everything. 

Some will come to the point of complete freedom as Spirit (Nirvana), but will postpone That to serve all Beings with a humble and generous heart, and without any need or drive for a specific outcome. The need to live for oneself or to get anything at all from Life dissolves prior to this choice – we always have the freedom to choose. One feels only a profound Love for Life and offers oneself to Its Service in full surrender. That service may take many forms, uniquely tailored to each being.

Spirituality is a deeply personal practice that transforms one into an impersonal force, no longer driven by and free of emotions and mind. Emotions become experiences that simply pass through and don’t stick. The mind is a tool for translating Spirit into expression that can be forged in Matter.

Spirituality puts magic, mediumship, and reliance on metaphysics in context – as coping skills of those who can sense the Astral plane and fear constant change and uncertainty, thus needing to prepare for and control what is happening. However, true spirituality aims to make one fully mature and free of the need to take external directives and clear markers on how to proceed. 

Many use the crutch of tarot cards and other materials to gain insight, which is readily available in meditation and does not require a billion dollar industry. Most spiritual practioners start with metaphysics, but must eventually get through and out of reliance on Astral phenomena – which is a form of illusion and can become a trap.

Spirituality is learning to live with discomfort and uncertainty in a way that surfs the wave of the moment, and responding as Spirit. Each response to life is uniquely tailored to the moment’s need, and not scripted by inspirational quotes and cosmic memes. While we respect the wisdom of our teachers, we also aim to continually cultivate our own.

Spirituality can seem paradoxical to the mind: “Love without restricting the freedom of anyone,” “Surrender to becoming service without attachment to the act of helping,” or “Immerse oneself fully into all aspects of Life having no need to take anything from Life.” In other words, no intention or action can trap you into forging your identity, for you are none other than Spirit unconstrained.

Many practitioners – even those who are advanced – become trapped by feeling that they “deserve something,” which is a need from Life. If one feels like one needs anything at all, then one is still trapped. Some will use their “spiritual status” to justify what they need and get. Eventually, they will need to outgrow that too. Of course you accept from Life what is a gift, but not always each gift from all people. Sometimes you reject gifts because they are given with the intention of personal gain, and such giving does not serve the giver.

You are impersonal and may seem like a foreign entity of some sort, but there is something in you that attracts others (or completely scares them off!). Paradoxically, others feel both love and fear in your presence. What they actually feel is a catalysis to break free and glimpse themselves and their world, thus understanding their potential growth – which can be scary.

Spirituality is not about developing “superpowers” to control Life, but about learning what one needs to learn to Serve Life.

Love, Service, Surrender are capitalized because they are purified of self-absorbed seeking to become complete.

Raw, unfiltered existence requires grit. Even after the Ego is relegated to a tool (like the mind), there are additional layers of various attachments that must be stripped and burned. Why? Because you want to serve the planet from the vantage point of true freedom, which lies beyond what most call enlightenment.

Each transition feels like a form of dying, and then a new birth. This is not an overdramatization – the events of dissolution and reforming are very real. You climb this ladder, pausing only to catch your breath because life in the body is finite, and you must prepare for service while still alive. Dying while alive, over and over, requires nothing short of true grit. The reward? There is none, in the usual sense. But freedom is definitely preferred to illusory traps.

When learning and evolving lacks an agenda for power, control, and the desire to manipulate events, one can never cross the karmic law and will not “fall” to create more chaos after gaining more knowledge. Thus, only the desire to serve the One living being in All is the driver. Of course, there are those who misuse the teachings and feel the high of the dark forces – thus, becoming hooked and addicted. They justify their position, but it is transparent.

It is untrue that all secrets have been revealed. Many remain hidden by Masters of highest awakening because such knowledge without wisdom would ensure the destruction of the human race. They are not Masters in the sense of ownership or control, but they have Mastered safe passage through illusion and the relationship to knowledge and forces at play in our local Universe. No one knows everything! 

Much of what has been revealed is distorted, and now continuously passed through filters on the internet. While memes are fun, and quotes are inspiring, neither will produce a direct positive change in our world without the engagement, active participation, and proper understanding of our evolutionary process. We cannot meditate away people’s karma and all of the accumulated karma of the ages, although some can be lifted from humanity under proper conditions.

Contrary to common belief, a Master must be alive in a body to help others. Once a Master gives up the body, only the energy of his or her essence remains, but not the Living  consciousness that expressed through the body. It is not possible for ascended (dead) Masters to teach from beyond. But living Masters can make themselves available to students across continents. Even then, they are not always available, and the students must be very strong and independent and – always – attentive to the times of teaching and learning.

There are entities all around us, looking to piggy-back on the human experience. We created them over the ages as thought forms in the Astral Plane, and they took on a life of their own. They can pose as guides, angels, Masters, enlightened alien races, demons, and ancient mystics. Of course, we can interact with these entities. But…. they are not the dearly departed enlightened dead, nor are they the higher principles of creation – archangels. Archangels are so beyond our consciousness that personal communication is impossible, but many are too proud to see this truth. People think that angels have time for us, or even the capacity to relate to us as individuals. But they do not. Angels are creative principles – forces at an abstract level, and not personified beings who look like beautiful people with wings. 

There is no Galactic Council on a spaceship. There are no ascension transmissions from Sirius or Pleides or Lyricans. While all these stories are interesting and catch attention, they are grossly misrepresented and are part of the very illusion we deeply wish to transcend.

What’s really at stake is our own ability and desire to evolve. We, in living bodies, must accept and venture forward with this challenge. We do not need to “play” with entities on the Astral Plane to evolve. We are not in a fishbowl being watched by alien races to see how we do. We only need our own connection to Spirit and to World – both ways – for our World to grow and entwine with the Cosmos. We also need living guides who have crossed the charnel ground. Those who think otherwise are simply arrogant and caught in the bramble bushes of self- absorption. Only a tiny fraction of the human race is born enlightened….the rest of us must work hard to drop the pride and arrogance.

A true human Master will foster your growth and independence without interference in your life events. You always choose your next steps, while the Master simply points to the direction for highest evolutionary potential. Even then, the Master must allow your life to unfold and, hence, withhold some information from you.

Entities that claim alien origins and the transmission of messages of guidance are simply flickers in the Astral Plane looking to attract the attention of those who do not believe in the human capacity to independently grow. Why do we need someone in the middle to remind us of trite and cliche statements about self-love and other love – these don’t help us break through our barriers to actually surrender to That! Intellectual understanding is not an effective teacher on how to pull us out of intellectual preoccupation. 

Most channellings are basically repeating the same things over and over – love love love, with no practical steps to bridge the rifts among nations, solve the Earth’s resource problem, or invite others on a path of gritty, uncomfortable overhaul of the individual into the impersonal. Ultimately, how useful and original are these channelings? And how effective are they at getting people to drop their unconscious baggage?

No “transmission” can cause someone wake up and unwind their karma, and any alien cultures are prevented from interfering with our evolution by a wall, which is better left alone to free us from distraction. A true Master can help one see the obstacles and ignite safe passage. Many practitioners go insane when so-called spiritual teachers bring them to the edge of a breakthrough, but cannot buffer the chaotic energies that can arise! And Spirit – the transmission that is always available to everyone – does not come in sporadic waves to incite rapture (as regularly announced by those who claim to be in the know). It is there and everpresent – no newsflash necessary. You can just put your attention on This, with the Intention to surrender your all.

No being on any plane can cause a soul to break free – our souls alone must break free and See our One Soul, out of the  illusion that is the play of physical and metaphysical life. So, why is there so much hype about daily card reading, channelings, and rituals when these things are simple Astral toys?

Sure, it’s much more fun to believe that we can control our reality. But that’s not true beyond what we are allowed by karmic law. People may greatly underestimate this law, which truly does make certain events inevitable. No amount of prayer will change one’s karma – not even full awakening. Awakening and prior karma can and do coexist. Leftover karma must be balanced – by the person alone. Karma is what allows every soul to learn the impact of its actions and no one can outrun that.

I will go on a limb and call New Age “stuff” a set of coping strategies for living in an unpredictable, unstable reality. New Age guidance attempts to make one feel like one has control, when – in fact – the entire point of evolution is to release “control” to Spirit. New Age has become a panoramic joke of jargon and falsehoods, spoken by prideful people avoiding true surrender. If one feels like one has the answer, one knows nothing.

In summary, enlightenment is not an experience, but a gritty run-in with the forces that veil our understanding. Masters are only active while alive in physical bodies. The highest level Masters are unknown and anonymous (and for good reason). Metaphysics does not result in enlightenment. Spirit guides, angels, and alien teachers are posing entities – some benign, others with agendas. Magic – at best – postpones the inevitable and, at worst, generates more karma to unwind later. We alone – the human race – can change our circumstances and our level of awareness by becoming more cohesive as a group force for good, and not separated as a few clairvoyants to serve as middlemen for what is inevitable evolution. 

We have everything we need to do this, including each other, and we must listen to the impersonal living sages, freely sharing the tone of deepening and growth. However, this humble process may be too boring for those who prefer to pretend that they can manipulate their reality and the reality of others – without respect for the evolution of each and collective Soul, and which is impossible to do in a karma-free and clear way that ignites our freedom.

A Bodhisattva Vow vs. Ascension

In Buddhism, a Boddhisattva comes to the brink of full enlightenment, but turns his or her “back” to It to stay and help evolution on Earth. This phenomenon is actually more ancient than Buddhism.

When such a vow is made, there is no selfish gratification or self-importance. Neither is there a need to martyr oneself. The decision is “right” and impersonal, while based on loving compassion – there is barely an identity making the choice to stay, as most of the self has identified with the Spirit of the human race as a whole, and perhaps beyond.

Of course, not everyone needs to or does make a Boddhisattva vow. If Nirvana is embraced, it is done. A good question to ask: Is Nirvana (full Union with Spirit) possible for those who pursued it for purely selfish reasons? I will leave this as a question.

I hear many Ascension followers speak with great enthusiam about “leaving” the current state of the Earth to a better place. Some speak of those who are “less than” them spiritually in inhuman terms – as garbage to be left behind (or imply this without words). Such attitudes sadden me deeply for they are the very opposite of surrendering our being to the Union. How can someone who aims for Union cut off a portion of the human race? Is that not selfishness under the guise of spirituality? Is not each soul part of the same Spirit?

If you are climbing a mountain and are the first to scale a peak, do you not reach your hand to help lift up your companions? Or do you say: “Imma gonna keep goin’. See ya when you get here – if you get here?” Should not each person help to their ability?

As I catch glimpses of posts about ascention, “upgrades,” etc., I wonder how such misinformation has gotten so much traction. The attitude that a “better” life is attainable through escape is a divisive rhetoric and ignites a superiority complex in so-called spiritual aspirants. “Ride this wave, get the upgrade!” It’s pure bullshit – there is no nice way to say it.

We are all together in what sometimes feels like “hell.” Eons of karma accumulated by us immersing deeper into matter, and now journeying back to Spirit. We have created our current conditions here and we are all responsible for this globe and for each other.

The Darkness has promulgated the beliefs that some can be “saved” and can move forward, while others must continue to suffer in darkness (“because they deserve it”). And it sounds good and easy – like some are home-free. But it is not so. We must fight the Darkness that breeds separation, stop spreading bullshit about Arcturians or Tarantulas or whoever, coming to take us away – drivel about Love conquers all, when Love and separation are polar opposites! We – the human race – must grow up, mature, and come together in our intentions to be free of illusion, which is fear.

The Earth needs practical solutions of Heart, Will, and Action to help people as they resolve their karma, not abandoned. Some people are working hard behind the scenes to neutralize the karma, as permitted, to lift some of the agony from others. Some are fighting demonic forces to neutralize these – again, as permitted.

There are no Ascended Masters who are dead. That is impossible. Any Master is living if that Master interacts with people directly or at a distance. Dead does not work!  The level of evolution of these Masters is so advanced that they can only communicate with those who can understand them. They send transmissions within our solar system to all and continuously, which we can choose to accept or not. 

These Masters were once like us, but evolved and stuck around. There are ranks within them, where some can directly interface with people on a daily basis – as much as they can handle. Why not aim to be one of such aids to the great Unity of the human consciousness in Spirit, while maintaining all our uniqueness in the process?

Not many make the Boddhisattva vow because it requires a level of evolution where life is no longer personal and one no longer lives for oneself, just very few still attain Nirvana. There are many more peddling shortcuts and promising timelines that are plain false, and for money! True evolution requires serious stamina and one never rejects or runs away from the whole, no matter the obstacle. 

I am grateful for the living Masters who give so much to all of us, eon after eon. They ask for nothing in return. And, we are always free to choose our path. They were like us, once upon a time. And we become like them, eventually.

More than ever, discernment is needed. More than ever, people who call bullshit are needed. The world cannot be helped by memes alone, but by the sweat and toil of each of us immersed in Spirit and World at the frontlines and behind the scenes. We must fight the spread of disinformation by asking “Is this too easy? Is this divisive?” If yes, you decide what you want to do.

When you are dead, you are no longer of use to this world until you return…Without the body, there is no connection to bring in Spirit to World.

What Is Worth Learning?

I wish I had asked myself this question when I was a teenager, hungry for transformation and grabbing any and every book off the shelf. The short answer is to learn only what you absolutely need to birth something completely new in Life, as aligned to your Life’s expression. But maybe we need to unpack that….

Much of what I learned at the beginning, I had to unlearn. And, over time, I became more selective to attract the knowledge and skills I needed for my next shift. Learning to unlearn is worth learning, without any self-deprecation. 

There is something to the idea of attracting the knowledge you need when you set your intention to fully Live You, and in due time. Maybe it sounds too simple, but most simple things are usually true.

Eventually, I learned that we do not all have the same prescribed curriculum – either academically or in the school of Life. We are unique beings with a unique venture to bring about something new to Life by Being, and not spin endlessly on a common wheel of rehashed and even distorted perspectives. 

The idea that we, at our peak, create new connections as the web of Life, is likely very old – although I don’t know its source. However, too few souls accomplish this and fall into repetition. For example, one cannot become a Master unless one has done something new. This may sound like a Master is a graduate student, working on a Ph.D.  thesis and presenting that thesis to a committee of established Masters. The main difference is that academic theses are highly focused, but the Master-to-be aims to shift Life energies at global scales and with great sensitivity and discernment to true outcomes. There are many actions that cannot be taken on behalf of the human race because they take away from others’ Life learning. And yet, many actions can be taken to help uplift the human race – these cannot be ignored.

Presumably, high school is about absorbing human knowledge and applying basic thought processes in broad brush strokes. Surely, this is a noble enough goal – to get kids on the same page about what is known by the human race, which questions are still unanswered, and the strategies we can use to critically think about the world. If the students are lucky, they will also learn about human interaction and empathy, and walk forward with a greater appreciation for the human race and its rich diversity on a rather small Earth. If students are fortunate, they will be inspired to further cultivate their true expression.

Unfortunately, reasearchers determined that, by the time students reach high school, they are less curious and interested to learn than they were in elementary school. This process of boxing students into classrooms and regimenting them into curriculum ends up either making good academic soldiers or turning out the lights. Some manage to rise despite these limitations. While academic rigor sounds a bit rigid, some welcome the challenges and the puzzles, and also put up with the box. There is no one-size-fits all in terms of how to be taught so that lights are ignited! Given that most of what is taught in school is forgotten, what then is worth learning? Perhaps, that which remains long after school is out.

As I watch students interact and react to their lives, I can see how ill-equipped many are to handle uncertainty, conflict, collaboration, and setbacks. While they strive to define their identities, they could also learn empathy and service – but the latter are considered “useless” or “weak” by most kids. Unless, of course, students have a teacher who can model these qualities and demand self-reflection.

Many feel that being loud and disrespectful to each other will cause them to seem like lions in the serengeti, and competing with one another for looks and social status is the norm. So, the strategies to forming relationships and negotiation – perhaps the most important things to learn – are left to chance in a climate of unpredictable harshness that underlies most school settings, and amidst other students with brains far from fully developed. The most  useful skills worth learning – relationships and interactions – are not explicitly taught, but rather resolved by pure Darwinism. The harshest and the loudest trump the rest without winning anything in the long game.

Skills are important because they are the way we access our relationship to expression. However, it takes time to figure out who we are, and so we pursue all accessible skills at the early stages – critical thinking, problem solving, visualization, representation, abstract reasoning, and hands-on craftsmanship. We try everything with open minds and hearts, and find ourselves drawn to some things more than others. However, too many students shut down to learning too soon, and prematurely decide what they don’t need in life. Most schools do not expressly promote high schools as an exploration, and do not teach how to remain open to possibilities despite ambiguity of long term gain. Remaining open is always valid and is worth learning – without it, our minds shut down the growth pathways that may very well be our unique gifts.

Even if students have the ability to learn in all or most contexts, they may lack the skills to identify and prioritize tasks, and to self-assess. Learning to know what you don’t know may be the most worthy ability yet, for it develops humbleness, topples arrogance, and keeps one from parking on false laurels and plateaus. As our lives progress, we must become more flexible and independent in our explorations. We must question our approach and evaluate our progress, which is always incomplete,  but sometimes good enough. The goal of such introspection is to decide our next move. That is skillful living and worth learning as early as possible.

Finally, we must learn to identify and stand up for truth in our own ways. There is such a thing as a universal truth that is never outdated or out of style. This truth is Character in its purest form. We forge our character in Life’s crucible, tested by Life each step of the way. Character speaks to how we engage Life to foster ongoing unfoldment, while pruning and refining as we progress

So, it seems that the things worth learning are connected to things worth remembering and using throughout life. While these skills have little to do with context, which may or may not be interesting to us, they start in some context and then carry over to every aspect of our life to position us for igniting what is uniquely ours to express.

The future of the human race relies on awakened creativity and a full heart. At every stage of learning, we remove the obstacles of conditioning about status, power, innate intelligence, self-doubt, and outward appearance. We battle these traps to win true freedom to be unique, and not extinguish our fire. 

Thank you to all the teachers and mentors for teaching what is truly worth learning amidst their regular lessons, for the human race is rapidly outgrowing outmoded living strategies and is poised to move forward.

Breaking Free from Illusion to Nurture Relationship of Self and Planet